• Quick and Easy Social Media Cheat Sheet

    Social Media Cheat SheetRecently I was asked to give a short talk on social media with a local business group. Since I didn’t have a lot of time for a formal presentation, I put together a quick social media cheat sheet and opened it up for discussion. It was a great session! Here’s the summary for your own use:


    • Write compelling, prescriptive titles: how-to, 10 ways to…
    • Update at least 2x per week
    • Include photos and tag them with keywords
    • Incorporate keywords into title
    • Share all new posts across social networks


    • Import contacts frequently
    • Participate in groups
    • Accept new contacts
    • Use advanced search
    • Load up your profile with keyword-rich content
    • Ask for endorsements—and give them
    • Update your status with blog posts, news, promotions


    • Tweet often: blog posts, news, other people’s content, tips
    • Repeat your tweets
    • Use hashtags liberally
    • Follow the people you want following you
    • Focus on your niche and serve your audience


    • Mix up posts: text, photos, questions, news
    • Cross promote on your other social networks
    • Consider paid ads and sponsored posts
    • Pay attention to what works and repeat


    • Set up Google Authorship
    • Add people to your circles
    • Share great content often
    • Be engaged to improve response
    • Consider Google Hangouts


    • Pin photos from your blog
    • Create keyword-rich boards
    • Search and pin other people’s content
    • Have fun creating other types of boards


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    About the Author: Stephanie Chandler is an author of nine books including Own Your Niche: Hype-Free Internet Marketing Tactics to Establish Authority in Your Field and Promote Your Service-Based Business and The Nonfiction Book Marketing Plan: Simple Strategies to Build Your Audience and Sell More Books. She is also founder and CEO of Authority Publishing, specializing in custom book publishing and social media marketing services, BusinessInfoGuide.com, a directory of resources for entrepreneurs, and the Nonfiction Authors Association, a marketing community for authors. She has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, BusinessWeek, Inc.com, and Wired magazine, and she is a contributing blogger for Forbes. For author and speaker details, visit http://StephanieChandler.com. Subscribe to Stephanie Chandler's blog feed here.

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    1. I read this article on open forum and knew the content was quick, concise, and accurate. We need fantastic and do-able ‘lists’ to make conquering the day an adventure we can control.
      Best regards,

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