• From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur: Make Money with Books, eBooks and Information Products

    From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur: Make Money with Books, eBooks and Information Products by Stephanie ChandlerQuite simply, an infopreneur is someone who sells information. Everyone is an expert at something and that expertise can generate tremendous income opportunities from information products. Whether you want to add revenue streams to your existing business or launch a new business as an infopreneur, this book is loaded with resources and ideas to help you create and sell information products.

    You will learn how to:

    • Become a recognized expert in your field.
    • Publish books, either traditionally or through self-publishing.
    • Create e-books and special reports for electronic download.
    • Develop other information products including audio and video programs, tips booklets, workshops, teleseminars, and more.
    • Maximize back of the room sales.
    • Set-up an effective website.
    • Implement tools to automate product sales and delivery.
    • Market info products online and offline.

    Each chapter concludes with the profile of a successful infopreneur, allowing readers to learn from real-world experience. Don’t miss out on this chance to establish expertise in your field and generate multiple streams of passive income from information products!

    “Chandler covers all the bases. She asks all the right questions, then supplies all the right answers in her astonishingly comprehensive and very timely book. It’s loaded with valuable life-changing information–and it’s fun to read too!”
    -Jay Conrad Levinson, the “Father of Guerrilla Marketing” and best-selling author of the Guerrilla Marketing books

    “Chandler knows how to take action and make ideas a reality! The practical steps and outstanding resources she shares will enhance anyone’s business and their lives. Whether you are investigating the possibilities or are ready to create to new income generating opportunities, From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur provides a practical road map to creating products that will enable you to succeed with ease.”
    -Romanus Wolter, author of Kick Start Your Dream Business

    From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur inspires and educates us, in an attention-grabbing, all-inclusive format, to take our information and prosper from it not only personally, but also professionally and financially as ‘infopreneurs.'”
    -Stacy Henderson, Editor in Chief of Home Business Magazine


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    1. Chapter 1 – Information Product Opportunities: Fire Up Those Revenue Streams
      • Definition of an Infopreneur
      • Benefits of Information Products
      • Generate Information Product Ideas
      • Keys to Info Product Success
      • Strategies for Promoting Info Products
      • Infopreneur Profile: Joan Stewart, Founder of PublicityHound.com
    2. Chapter 2 – Celebrity Sells: Achieving Expert Status
      • The Anatomy of an Expert
      • Building an Expert Platform
      • Public Speaking
      • Publish Articles
      • Branding
      • Maximize Media Exposure
      • Publicists and Publicity
      • Infopreneur Profile: Dottie Walters, Author of Speak and Grow Rich
    3. Chapter 3 – Author Aspirations: Effective Writing for Books
      • No Time to Write
      • If You Don’t Like to Write
      • Finding a Niche
      • Writing Good Copy
      • What’s in a Name?
      • Solicit Feedback
      • Infopreneur Profile: Joe Vitale, Author of The Attractor Factor
    4. Chapter 4 – Go Big: How to Get Published Traditionally
      • Literary Agents
      • Finding an Agent
      • Contacting Publishers Directly
      • Sample Query Letter
      • Elements of a Book Proposal
      • Infopreneur Profile: Romanus Wolter, Author of Kick Start Your Success
    5. Chapter 5 – Do it Yourself: Self-Publishing Demystified
      • Self Publishing Options
      • Self Publishing Pros and Cons
      • Print on Demand Pros and Cons
      • Lessons Learned from the Publishing Industry
      • Steps to Self Publishing
      • Inforpreneur Profile: Dan Poynter, Author of The Self-Publishing Manual
    6. Chapter 6 – Make Money While You Sleep: E-books and Special Reports
      • Benefits of Electronic Publishing
      • Formatting and Delivery
      • E-Book Formats
      • E-Book Compilers
      • E-Book Layout
      • Selling E-Books on Amazon.com
      • Infopreneur Profile: C. Hope Clark, Founder of www.fundsforwriters.com
    7. Chapter 7 – Other Info Products: More Money in the Bank
      • Teleseminars
      • Audio & Video Products
      • Seminars, Workshops, and Workbooks
      • Electronic Classes
      • Tips Booklets
      • Subscription Newsletters
      • Order Fulfillment
      • Infopreneur Profile: Tom Antion, Author of The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing for Small Business
    8. Chapter 8 – Your Website: Build it and They Will Come
      • Domain Search and Website Setup
      • Site Design Secrets
      • Shopping Carts and Credit Card Processing
      • Website Content
      • Search Engine Optimization
      • Tips for Maximizing Online Sales
      • Infopreneur Profile: Alyice Edrich, Founder of TheDabblingMum.com
    9. Chapter 9 – Online Marketing Techniques: Spanning the Globe
      • Send a Newsletter/E-zine
      • Totally Terrific Tips Sheets
      • Online Classifieds
      • Strategic Alliances
      • Online Groups
      • Forums and Message Boards
      • Blogging for Dollars
      • Affiliate Programs
      • Testimonials
      • Infopreneur Profile: Paulette Ensign, founder of TipsBooklets.com
    10. Chapter 10 – Offline Marketing Techniques: Pounding the Pavement
      • Write Op/Ed Articles
      • Public Speaking
      • Written Correspondence
      • Recognize Holidays
      • Promotions, Contests, and Giveaways
      • Distribute Flyers
      • Yellow Pages Advertising
      • Maximize Gift Certificates
      • Business Networking
      • Infopreneur Profile: Michelle Dunn, Author of Become the Squeaky Wheel: A Credit and Collections Guide for Everyone
    11. Chapter 11 – Catch a Buzz: Book Marketing
      • Stage One: Before Your Book is Published
      • Getting Organized
      • Writer’s Groups and Organizations
      • Online Newsletters and Writer’s Resources
      • Obtain Testimonials
      • Stage Two: While Your Book is Being Published
      • Assemble a Media List
      • Solicit Excerpts
      • Early Book Reviews
      • Contact Bloggers
      • Print Marketing Materials
      • Stage Three: After Your Book Is Published
      • Press Releases
      • Media Pitch
      • Radio Promotion
      • Television Appearances
      • The Best Seller List
      • Book Signing Events
      • Book Reviews
      • Non-Bookstore Markets
      • Infopreneur Profile: Susan Harrow, Author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul
    12. Chapter 12 – Carpe Diem: Put Your Plans into Action
      • Information Product Plan Checklist
      • Infopreneur Profile: Shel Horwitz, Founder of PrincipledProfits.com
    13. Directory of Resources

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    About the Author

    Stephanie Chandler is an author of several books including LEAP! 101 Ways to Grow Your Business, From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur: Make Money with Books, eBooks and Information Products and The Author’s Guide to Building an Online Platform: Leveraging the Internet to Sell More Books. Stephanie is also founder and CEO of http://AuthorityPublishing.com, which specializes in custom publishing for non-fiction books, and http://BusinessInfoGuide.com, a directory of resources for entrepreneurs. A frequent speaker at business events and on the radio, she has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, BusinessWeek, Inc.com, Wired magazine and many other media outlets. Author and speaker details are available at StephanieChandler.com.


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    About the Author: Stephanie Chandler is an author of nine books including Own Your Niche: Hype-Free Internet Marketing Tactics to Establish Authority in Your Field and Promote Your Service-Based Business and The Nonfiction Book Marketing Plan: Simple Strategies to Build Your Audience and Sell More Books. She is also founder and CEO of Authority Publishing, a custom publisher of nonfiction books, BusinessInfoGuide.com, a directory of resources for entrepreneurs, and the Nonfiction Authors Association, a marketing community for trailblazers. She has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, BusinessWeek, Inc.com, and Wired magazine, and she is a contributing blogger for Forbes. For author and speaker details, visit http://StephanieChandler.com. The 2015 Nonfiction Writers Conferencereturns May 6-8, 2015! Reserve your seat at this virtual event now!

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    1. ChristieNo Gravatar says:

      Making the link between supplying info and making income from it is not an easy process. I have added your book to my list of MUST read soon!

    2. JimNo Gravatar says:

      This book is partially responsible for me wanting to change careers and get into information marketing. I am new at this, but I am learning a lot everyday. I hope to replace me current income in the next 6-12 months.

    3. MoneymakerNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Stephanie,
      I love your blog, very interesting topics. You mention writing e-books, blogging and several other profitable niches.
      Here’s a money making tip I’d like to add that most people aren’t aware of. All of these ways to generate income will work but what is really going to make things happen for your readers is to Learn How To Use Social Media Traffic.
      Get your presense known on places like Facebook and Twitter. You will reach millions of readers and be able to channel your information.
      Here’s another money making method:
      Find something you can give away for free and in doing so, capture the e-mail information by using a program like Aweber.
      After you’ve captured their information, simply continue contacting and giving away a few other items.
      Now you have a group of people who trust you and are willing to look at whatever you want to offer for a price.
      Works for me. Thanks for letting me make this comment.

    4. Stephanie, your book looks great. I have an info product and am ready to promote and create sales for this small nitch I’m in. Buying your book today.

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