• *Ideas: What to Do When You Have Too Many!

    I hear this all the time: “I have so many ideas. I just don’t know where to start!”Managing Ideas

    If you can relate to this, you’re not alone! The good news is that there are some effective ways to sort through the opportunities and prioritize your efforts.

    1. Get your ideas on paper. I keep an Idea Journal on my desk that I’ve broken down into categories: Article Ideas, Product Ideas, Service Ideas, Marketing Ideas, etc. When inspiration strikes, I make sure to write it down (otherwise I would never sleep!).

    2. When you’re ready to move forward with a new product idea, for example, then choose your top three or four ideas and map them out. Ask yourself these questions:

    *How difficult will it be to implement?
    *Who is my target market and how will I reach them?
    *What are five ways I can market this new product?
    *What is the worst case scenario and best case scenario for revenue potential?
    *Does this align with my personal values?
    *Does this align with my personal and business goals?
    *Do I need assistance from others to implement this? If so, who?
    *How much money and time do I need to invest to bring this to market?

    Once you answer these questions for each idea, a clear leader should emerge. Then you can begin to move forward. If the task is big, break it down into simple steps. For example, if you want to write a book and the average business book is 50,000 words, plan to write 1,000 words per day (about three typed pages). You’ll have a manuscript in 50 days!

    Good luck!

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